Samray ??you bring up it is for sale ? why?? you said you can get bacon and eggs all over town true ..But she makes french toast with a banana foster topping that is wonderful and you can not get that anywhere in town . eggs benedict that are fabulous !! But mot important if you live or vist north it is a good place to eat!!!!!The island has some very good places to eat south or north I try go to all.. As they all have something that I like ,and each has a dish that they do well !!! And yes you can have a opinion ,good or bad .This is a great board and we all do not agree on every thing ...But you do sound sound negative,And to share that you bring up And say it is for sale ???? has me thinking ?? Why bring that up?? One may take you post as you may have a axe to grind.???? Just my opinion.

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