We recently took a family trip to Belize and had a wonderful experience staying in the Grumpy and Happy Villas. The accommodations at Villa 2 were perfect for everyone's needs. The screened in porch was perfect after coming back from dives, snorkels, or any one of our other excursions. The living room was roomy enough for everyone to gather and relax before departing to the cozy bedrooms. The satellite television and internet connection made it possible for us to keep up to date with things back home, and also enabled us to take care of some necessary business without needing to leave the villa for an internet cafe. The pool was perfect for practicing using the snorkeling equipment I purchased prior to the vacation. We didn't really make much use of the kitchen because the restaurants in the area were so great, but the kitchen would have been more than enough to cook full meals had we wanted to.

In addition to the wonderful accommodations, the personal touch of the trip was a nice bonus. The introduction Jolene gave us upon arrival was very informative, and helped us plan out our entire trip. The first half of our stay we were able to plan a tour to Mayan ruins, a trip to a zip line across a jungle, an underground tubing trip, and a trip to the Belize zoo. Carlos lived up to the high praise Jolene had given him as a tour guide. He was both informative and entertaining, yet still safety conscientious during the tubing trip. Unfortunately, Carlos was already booked for one of the days, but even Carlos's replacement (Edward) was very knowledgeable of the areas we visited. The second half of our stay was filled with several snorkeling and diving trips. I was not certified to dive, but the resort course offered by Jolene was more than enough for me to feel comfortable and safe in the water. Jolene is a great instructor and very patient. The dive and snorkel spots we were taken to were amazing. All the trips were filled with a vast array of sea life, yet each trip allowed us to see different things. Jolene was very helpful in pointing out some of the rare sea life that I might have otherwise missed. Only regret I have on the dive trips is that I tended to breathe too much so I couldn't stay down as long as I would have liked. I am still amazed by the fact that every time we surfaced, Jolene's tank was still mostly full.

I can only hope that I have the chance to return to Belize , as this trip ended much too fast. I wish a work week would go by as fast as the week we had in Belize . I would certainly stay at the Grumpy and Happy villas again, and also use them for any future dive/snorkel trips. Next time I will just make sure I take the time to become certified prior to the trip, so I can dive to greater depths. I will also work on slowing my breathing down so I can stay down longer. Additionally, I would recommend Grumpy and Happy to anybody staying in the San Pedro area for diving/snorkeling trips as well as accommodations.