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Not much in this thread about evil.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this post, but how can anything bad happen if I just try it once?

Just seeing whose paying attention….

I smoked my first joint in 1967, and my last one ..well what time is it now anyway?

I personally have never encountered any Pot related problems in almost 40 years, but have known several people who are no longer with us due to Heroin or Coke, and I have never ever ever seen any good come from Meth Amphetamine or those who indulge in it: in my humble opinion, the most evil of all of the "recreational" drugs

It is in our nature to chase a “high” in life whether from Chemicals, Natures offerings, Alcohol, Adventure Sports, Religion or anyone of a seeming endless choice of stimulants. Its how we as individuals handle the high that is the variant, and its hard to think in absolute terms…..which “drug” is worse, the gram a day of coke that someone (?) did while holding down a very respectable job for 10 years (the 80s), or the 6 pack of beer some kid drinks before wrecking his car or truck causing death and destroying families? (I’ve never had a wreck or a ticket, much less a DUI)

I do feel very strongly that if we were starting today to write the laws of the land, with what we now know about long term effects, there’s no way alcohol and tobacco would be legal, and that pot would not be?....It would just be Taxed!!!!

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It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......