I already see what this thread has turned into, but suffice to say that the difference between pot and heroin/coke/meth is that pot is not physically addictive and the others, particularly heroin and other opiates(man-made or synthetic) are. If you are a regular pot smoker (no, I have not smoked pot since the 70's), and quit you might have a headache for a day or 2 that's it. Everyone knows about opiate withdrawal--it can damn near kill you. All those drugs I mentioned in my above statement actually change the receptors in your brain, that is what makes them so dangerous. In the case of meth, it eats holes in your brain which in long-time meth users, even if they have been clean for a while, act like they have dementia and also have tremors etc. Their brain has become like that of a person with early-stage Alzheimers.
Coke-heads just permanently damage their overall CNS, and crack-heads suffer that AND severe lung damage. In fact, I have a client right now who is working with the CDC and is trying to track an unusual disease that is afflicting crack-users in a county one over from ours. Apparently a disease that hasn't been observed in that population before.
Alcohol is similar in the fact that heavy alcoholics experience what is called "wet-brain". Sometimes they never recover, and have mild dementia-like symptoms.
For those of you with loved ones who have suffered from dementia or Alzheimers you know this is no joke.

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