Well hardly a surprise, but interesting none the less.

One well thought out and considered response, another saying that their drug of choice (beer) is O.K., it’s just all the others that are bad, and yet another “yeh, what he said”

Why is it that any attempt at an actual discussion as to the pros and cons of any issue or subject seems to bring about immediate personal attacks and insults from those with a differing viewpoint?

A review of my previous post will make it obvious to any clear thinking individual that I was posing the issue of the end result of the consumption, not the drug consumed,? I can empathize with someone advocating beer drinking and posting @2.30 am, but do try and grasp the entire concept before commencing hostilities

Alcohol, like meth, which I very clearly derided as evil, (but certainly unlike Pot), does tend to make people aggressive, and in the USA (I don’t have numbers for Belize) more property damage and crimes against persons take place under the influence of Alcohol than under all other drugs combined, so yet again, I question which drug has the worst overall affect on society?

Perhaps everyone reading this could consider for a minute…How many Drug addicts do you know? And how many Alcoholics?

I have double checked my agenda for my next San Pedro trip, and luckily for me, I do not have chasing Weile around with a syringe on my list, so my sphincter should remain intact, but I may have to reconsider the wisdom of a spear fishing trip with White Sands, in case Elbert gets behind me……..

Can we keep this civil?

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......