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i too agree that no good EVER comes from meth, coke, or heroin. no such thing as a casual user of any of those.

While i tank you for your support sweetjane, in the interest of accuracy, i must point out that I stated "no good Ever came form Meth "

There have been huge contributions to the arts from Heroin users, and Physciatry and modern Philosophy, Movies and TV, and certinly the Music Industry have long and deep ties to cocaine , which without doubt has "casual users"

While no-one seems to have any trouble distinguishing the difference betwenn a couple of beers and chugging grain alcohol from a bottle, the same does not seem to be so when it comes to occasional pot smoking or even a line now and again.

so to recap sweetjane meth,coke heroin all bad..... Leah Ann Meth and coke may be OK in small doses...Me meth very bad always

as i stated in my first post on this subject
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The perceived Evils of Recreational Drugs seems to vary dependent on the Drug(s) of choice of those perceiving the Evil!!

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It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......