Kriol Inglish Dikshineri HITS THE STREETS
Thursday, 01 November 2007

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Oct. 31, 2007 - Belizeans now have a Kriol-Inglish Dikshineri (English- Creole Dictionary) thanks to the Ministry of Education, National Institute of Culture and History and the National Kriol Council. The book was launched today in a ceremony that was held on the lawn of the House of Culture.

Those who were present included the Minister of Education Hon. Francis Fonseca, NICH Chairman Yasser Musa and the Governor General Sir Colville Young PhD.

The book was compiled and edited by Yvette Herrera, Myrna Manzanares, Sylvana Woods, Cynthia Crosbie and Ken Decker. The Editor–in- Chief of the tome is Paul Crosbie. The foreword was written by Sir Colville Young.

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Showcasing the Kriol Inglish Dikshineri (Creole-English Dictionary)

The contents of the book consist of a guide to using the dictionary, the Kriol writing system, grammar notes, Kriol to English and English to Kriol.

Silvana Woods was the master of ceremonies at the launching.

The official remarks were delivered by Hon. Francis Fonseca. Yasser Musa also spoke on behalf of NICH.

The welcome address was given by Ms. Manzanares who is the President of the National Kriol Council.

Scripture reading was done by Ms. Herrera and the invocation was done by Bishop Phillip Wright.

The National anthem was sung by students of St. Luke Methodist Primary School with the guidance of teacher Lavern Ferguson.

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Students at Dikshineri launch

During the ceremony Bruckdown Queen Leela Vernon- who performed - also presented an award of appreciation to Sir Colville. Sir Colville also received some of the Kriol Dictionary books. There was a dance selection done by students of Queen Square Primary School under the tutelage of Rosita Baltazar.

Brukdown king Wilfred Peters was also a performer at the launch.

The thank you address was given by Mrs. Alvia Wade.

The book is on sale at $25.00 for wholesale price and $30.00 at retail price.

The Kriol dictionary has the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture and NICH, the National Institute of Culture and History. It is the Ministry and NICH that funded the printing of the first run of 1,000 (one thousand) copies.

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Brukdong king Mr. Peters, Minister of Education Hon. Francis Fonseca, Brukdong queen Leela Vernon & NICH President Yasser Musa

The dictionary is in two parts. The first part, Kriol-English, is arranged alphabetically according to Kriol key words, with an English definition and other entry items. The second part of the dictionary, English to Kriol, is arranged alphabetically according to the English key word. Only the part of speech and the correlating Kriol word(s) are given in this section. The purpose of this part of the dictionary is to point the reader to the correct spot in the Kriol-English part of the dictionary for more complete information.

The Belize Kriol Project is the literacy arm of the National Kriol Council of Belize. It was created in 1993 and, since then, it has produced over fifteen books in the Kriol language, a comprehensive Grammar of the Kriol Language, and several Bible translations and songs of praise in Kriol.

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