Here’s an idea; let’s kill two birds with one stone:
1) decrimalize (or legalize) marijuana
2) Increase tourism

How’s that to come about you may ask? Well, if all of you would get honest about your recreational use of ganja and get the laws changed then pot heads would flock to the island. As the native American were reported to have said “White man speaks with forked tongue.”

Of course it would have to be country wide so we may loose some business to the mainland but what the heck! Our neighboring island may worry about loosing a lot of business to us.

We all know that pot heads are not dangerous; just lazy and boring; but then so are drunks. And if they come with enough money then who cares? We would have to make sure the police enforce the vagrancy laws but that would be easier than enforcing the drug laws. Maybe we would need to say that you could not have ganja and a gun (or knife or machete) at the same time – after all paranoia is a common side effect.

Ganja is no more a gateway drug than is alcohol or tobacco. Do you think this new availability might cut into the Beliken business?

Just think – we could become the Amsterdam of the Caribbean.

(Now I’ll see if I can get my tongue out of my cheek.)

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