Firstly, this forum and its users have been great in my research on Belize. Thanks in advance to those who reply.

My wife and I are planning to visit AC end of Feb '08. We really wanted to find a mix of quiet, rustic, cabana on the beach style experience with daily snorkel/kayak adventure and a few trips to town for dinner. Oh, but on a tight budget... ($100-150/night $US) Not looking for fancy at all.

We were dead set on Salamader Hideaway because it was so out of the way, unique and cheap, but found out it is closed! (sidetrack: does anyone have info on the re-opening of Salamander?)

Our short list now is Caribbean Villas Hotel, The Tides, and Caribe Island Resort. With Banana Beach as a 'mabye' due to costing more and seeming 'busier'. (we had a few other choices that don't have rooms available - Coral Bay Villas, Corona Del Mar..)

Any experts want to chime in? Are we overlooking a real gem somewhere else?

These places all seem to have a great mix of proximity to town (we love walking and don't want noise and beach traffic), cheap, and nice beach to hang out on. Whats your pick?