Yup, that special time of the year is fast approaching. I know this because the adverts have started on tv.

So. I have no offspring, so I don't really know what they are into these days. But I was recalling the things I got for Christmas as a kid and got to wondering if they are still on the market, have they been updated or forgotten?

1)View master...........still around?
2)Shaker Maker.......Pour the special liquid into a mold and "you shake it up" You would remove the mold after a short time and you could add hair for a troll doll or a purse or such for a girl. It hardened and then you could paint after it. I have not seen one since my childhood.
3)Creepy Crawlies.......I saw it advertised the other day. You make your own jelly like insects by pouring colored liquid into a mold.

What are some of the things you had as a child that your child will not see? What are some of the things that have come back after decades?