Yes Mr. 6 Strings

Wish yu were there next week. Whereever go in the world I seem to get into the best jams. Been a pro player for over 30 years and I still never get tired of Jammin' as long as it's good.

I was thinking of bringing my Mandolin too but I resorted to only a set of Mississippi Saxaphones.

If you know of any other players on the Island, let me know as I will always be up for a Beach Jam. The other family we are going with, the Husband plays a good guitar so I know there will be a jam at Banyan Bay where we are staying. I hear it's niec! Got a great deal on the room, couldn't pass it up.

By the way, these days it's strictly Old Style Blues, no rock for me...

Lil Walter

Thats the real stuff....