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If you just want cheap and clean with a shower close to town I agree with either Pedros or Rubys (my personal fav). You get what you pay for, but should expect clean and safe. You get that from either Pedro's or Ruby's

OK so we're not THAT cheap! smile Pedro's seems like more of a hostel and now you've got me almost scared to stay at Lily's. We are coming for Jerry Jeff's Camp Belize and plan on fishing and diving during the day and having fun at night. So yes we are mainly interested in a place to sleep and shower and yes would like it to be clean and safe (I'm curious why you mentioned safe) also. We both travel a lot but aren't looking for room service, internet access or the like. As a matter of fact we're trying to get away from that. Just someplace close in, beachfront would be nice. Plus we really don't want to room with each other if possible since we're both on vacation and don't need the distraction of a roommate.

BTW I am looking forward to finally visiting San Pedro. I have heard great things about it. Thanks again for all of your help. I'm checking out all of the tips.

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