Bill and Clare focus on how to make a life in Belize on a very strict budget. They know how to do that, and they put their theories in practice in their daily lives in Belize. They do not live on AC. They stay on a budget by living in a quiet part of Belize and accessing services in both Mexico and Belize. They start their seminars in San Pedro to give the participants a "soft landing" in a place less foreign and challenging than some of the other areas they eventually visit. The first day of the seminar is usually about Belize in general. This might include visits/talks by people from Customs, Immigration, one or two transplanted Gringos who have become local businesspeople, and somebody who can explain a bit about construction and general real estate things. It is not really oriented to getting to know Ambergris Caye, and you will not have much time to see the island with the schedule they have set for the tour. If you want to have an overview of several budget-lifestyle areas in a short time, then they seem to do a pretty good job of that. I have met people who signed up for the whole tour and left themselves an open week in country afterwards for their own exploration of the location(s) they found interesting on the tour.