HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): The achievements of Cuba in the therapeutic use of scorpion venom will be presented at a national workshop taking place in the province of Cienfuegos on the breeding, management and exploitation of scorpions.

In statements to Juventud Rebelde newspaper, the provincial head of the national network of Biological-Pharmaceutical Labs (LABIOFAM), Fabio Linares, spoke about the importance of the meeting. He said that, during the workshop, Cuban specialists will present studies explaining how the scorpion venom is used to fight cancer cells, as shown in several tests carried out on lab animals and human beings.

Linares noted that the research takes into account environmental sustainability, which involves the non overexploitation of areas with large numbers of scorpions and the return of the scorpions to their natural environment after a long period of exploitation.

The Cuban specialist said that the Cienfuegos School of Medicine has a blue scorpion farm which should produce some 5,000 specimens in the coming months.

Besides its benefits in the fight against cancer, the scorpion venom has proven useful in the treatment of several diseases that affect the lungs, prostate, pancreas and uterus neck. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.