Almost exactly one year year ago Johnny Searle was driving
merrily-a-la-Wendy on a Houston off ramp looking for the nearest mall
when he began to suffer what was apparently a massive heart attack.

Again, a very health conscious, very fit guy like our dearly departed Ali.

In fact Johnny has been a long-time participant and sponsor of the
Belize Body Building Federation.

He managed to contact his wife on the cell phone as she was at a
Houston hospital receiving treatment for cancer. Elvira kept him on he
phone and guided him into the hospital.

Even more fortuitous, Johnny was just around the corner from the hospital.

He managed to steer his SUV into the hospital's ER, was treated and
managed to recover,

Later major heart surgery.

Johnny came into Belize like most gringos, a pilot for a mail plane.
Loved the ambiance, saw the business potential, stayed on, married a a
Belizean and built a fortune in the airline industry.

Today he lost his wife:

Tonight we regret to bring news of the death of Elvira "Bea" Searle.
Mrs. Searle, co-founder of Belize Global Travel Services and the wife
of well known businessman Johnny Searle, succumbed to a long bout with
cancer this morning in Brownsville, Texas. Details of funeral
arrangements have yet to be announced.