Just a good ole Butte, Montana boy...and he played hockey!

(Rykat, you were no child when H.H. was impeaching Willy, even after his own affair! His support of Reagan during Iran Contra and his savings and loan debacle were sad. At least he was anti abortion and started out a Democrat...)

Back to Evel...

There are very few "happenings" on TV anymore that evoke thoughts of "where was I when that happened"?, unless it is a tragedy like 9/11 or the shuttle crashing.

Evel could get every kid on the block to stop playing and watch. It was like waiting for Christmas for me the weeks leading up to the rocket bike jump, you just knew he was going to do something dramatic...

Maybe we're just all too busy anymore or we get to damn many TV channels to create a buzz like Evel, an Ali fight, the Olympics, or even MNF used to do!

And scuba do...that story explains Alot!!!!!!!