Extracted from the fantastic Landa Book referenced above--


In these Spain followed the universal custom of conquering or expanding
empires, allowing to the local chieftains or rulers as full a measure of
their former headship and privileges as possible, subject to, and in
proportion to their degree of recognition of political suzerainty, the
right to economic exploitation and support, and as necessary incident, the
social recognition of the new masters as 'superior beings.' Thus did in
succession the Romans, the British, the Dutch, and others, the degree and
nature of the resulting dominance over the acquired 'subjects' depending on
the nature or character, plus the real or professed purposes of the

Ancient Rome, Holland, Britain sought the spread of empire and trade, and
leaving the essentials of life, religion and local customs, as nearly
untouched as possible; giving in return protection. The occupied lands, in
most cases the field of destructive internecine wars such as would be the
case in India today save for the handful of Indian regiments protecting
both the raj and the people, lost superior suzerainty (actually
non-existent in the country) in exchange for the order of a firm
administration. To the common man one far distant Emperor is the same as
another, so long as the currents of local life go along and the customs and
'gods of our fathers' are respected-whether the ryot, the fellahin or the
masehual be in Ceylon, Egypt or Mexico. The emperor may then be Akbar in
Delhi, Edward in London, or Charles in Spain; the only further thing asked
is that he protect the defenseless people from the wanton murders,
tortures, rapings and burnings of the foreign 'public enemies' set loose
among them. If this is not done, the work of the Diego de Landas and the
Pedro de Alvarados will only breed revolts that must end either in total
annihilation as in Cuba, or in final freedom, however late.

To these demands Spain however added that of enforced conversions to
Christianity and the "blessings of European civilization" (as professed by
others today in their thirst for conquest), all "by the divine command"
that justifies all 'necessary' means to save men from the eternal hell
ordained by God for those who cannot recognize his image of peace and love
in the autos de fé and the hangings-escapable however by humbleness and gold.

Yet these people even in the later days, of the Sixteenth Century, were
higher in polity, science and all that really makes civilization, than the
invaders-who only had gunpowder, horses, lusts, and (heaven save the mark)
the Cross. In these words lies the whole story of the lands south of us,
where now in these last ten years only, is the long debt to the Indian race
beginning to be paid by seeking to make him once more a free working
citizen of his own country, educated in the things that lead to economic
prosperity for the individual, the local community, and the State. For
Mexico is today making the Indian again a 'man'-while we in this country
manufacture and offer him roseate white-man's plans for his anthropological
welfare instead of liberty; keep him against his helpless will the slave of
the most generations-long intrenched bureaucracy in our whole log-rolling
system, that wastes, and worse, his property, while we decimate him by our
imported immoralities, and exploitations.