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Love those Montana boys!! wink

Just the Mennonites, or us Heretics too?

I've missed most of this post, as I’ve been drunk in San Pedro for a while now!

For me, Henry Hyde’s greatest moment was when as a House Manager, following the law and bringing charges against Slick Willy, (NOT for having an affair, but for lying under oath to the American people,) he drew the ire of Alec Baldwin, who announced on TV, that “WE SHOULD ALL GO TO HENRY HYDES HOUSE, AND STONE HIM AND HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN”, thus introducing to the less politically aware in the country the concept of reasoned and intelligent debate with the radical left !

Who did I admire: Winston Churchill, Ronald Regan, Margaret Thatcher, Lance Armstrong

Who did I want to be like? John Wayne, Roger Staubach, #3

Who did I end up like: Larry the Cable Guy/Basil Fawltey

My hero’s: My father and his fellow RAF Pilots of 1939-45

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......