While staying at Ruby's on the beach near Aqua Dive, My very beautiful wife and I were awaken by someone saying my name through our window (on the 3rd floor) at 4:15 am. The man was mispronouncing my name and was becoming very angry that I did not respond. We had been diving the day prior Nov. 8th 2007 at Aqua dive off the beach near BC's bar. After 20 minutes, the keeper came up and told the guy to leave. He was supposed to be off shift @4:00 am, lucky for us, he must have stayed around a little longer and heard the guy. (Obviously the guy knew the keepers schedule) When Ruby's was approached by us, obviously concerned due to the anger and visciousness this guy was yelling in the window, the keeper said he had to run off someone from the dive shop but did not know him by name. This guy was absolutely up to no good and will cause someone harm at some point. The police were contacted (with no results) and Aqua Dive management was contacted to inform of the situation with one of their employees. No return call was received from the manager as he promised. So, obviously this guy is still out either waiting to victimize another, or continuing to. He obviously believes he can get away with this type of action, because nothing happened to address the issue. Ever thought what a person would be doing yelling your name in your window very angrily, in a place where you know no one, at 4:15 am? The troubling thing is, the guy is known and nothing happened. What if i had opened the door to this guy? He was definitely out to do harm? What do we do from here? We love the island but this has jaded us. I would love some input from anyone with insight.