I'm traveling to San Ignacio then San Pedro at the beginning of April. I have a few questions for anyone who would like to chime in.
My biggest question still surrounds where to stay on AC. We're on a definite budget and hoping for less then $80 a night. I know, I know. But I want to have enough left over to do basically whatever I want so i'm willing to sacrifice a little to do that. However, is it stupid of me to sacrifice air conditioning? We found a room at Ruby's for only $40 a night but it only has a fan. I'm wondering if i'll be miserable? Also, I'd love advice on what to do once on the island. We're really excited to kayak, snorkel and visit outer cayes. It would be wonderful to find a hotel that had those things available to us - I would be ok spending more to stay somewhere that had all the equipment for a decent price. Also, I'd love to hear about the best tours. I hate the super touristy stuff and want to visit the smaller cayes and see more wildlife and less people. Any ideas? I'm not opposed to staying a few nights on another island as well. AC just seems to be the easiest to make it to.
Thanks for all ideas and suggestions!