Hey all, thanks for the input. In response to if it was one of the guys from Aqua Dives. We were approached by one of the guys on the dock during us suiting up for diving (tall and skinny), he says, "I don't know what's gonna happen, but somethings gonna happen". We just laughed and thought this is funny at the time. Looking back, this is the guy I saw outside on the third floor at Ruby's sleeping in a chair the first night we got there. This was not the same guy talking in the window. All I saw was a shadow in the shear curtain, and I did not want to start something that i could not finish without a weapon, so i did not respond at all. This guy in the window had a very deep island voice and was not a small guy, i could also see he had short bushy dreads. When the sun came up, i went downstairs to try and "Hopefully" identify him. I did see the tall skinny guy from the dive shop downstairs talking to 2 others, none i recognized, and none talked with the deep voice. But the guy did make mention to his friends while i was standing there of how he had "been here since 4:00 am", where i would hear him. So I'm pretty sure he was in on it, just not the one in the window. My honest belief, is that they or he were after my wife. Knowing by walking around that there is definitely a shortage of girls in San Pedro. My wife stands out and gets alot of attention, not to boast, thats just the way it is. There is no reason that the guy would be coming to my window. I still have not received any response from the dive shop, and i assume the keeper did not want to walk over to the dive shop and point him out, lest he be a victim himself. So next time i will be armed in san Pedro. Does anyone know the ins and outs of getting a weapon in San Pedro?