So its absolutely impossible Guys on the island hit on tourists wives and daughters and then give unwanted attention when they cannot take no as an answer.

YEAHHHH RIGHT come on seen it many times on the island where guys hit on daughters and wives constantly in fact there was a post not long ago about unwanted attention on dive boats paying only attention to girls

The idea of this forum is to give accurate information and in some cases when someone posts a not so pretty picture it either gets deleted by the Mods or the locals get on and berate the poster.

I do not think that the poster is lying here I beleive fully that someone was at his window and most likely there because he was interested in his wife. whether she is stunning beautiful or a downright MONSTER it dont matter to the Belize guys if it resembles a woman thats good enough (thats not an insult to Belize guys its just the truth)

I always say if your a female overweight, ugly, got one leg, or whatever come to Belize and you will be treated like a queen and have guys hitting on you all day. the guys will think you are Miss world and thats great for the majority, HOWEVER there is also a bad side to that meaning SOMETIMES attention is given where it is not wanted be it to the daughters of visiting tourists barely legal or to wives that are friendly to local guys and the guys take it the wrong way.

Additionally I have known wives to encourage the guys flirting and this I have seen lead to all sorts of problems.

In this particular case I beleive that a guy was at his window and most likely after his wife, he was most likeley wasted and if he were not, he would not of been at the window simple as that. SECURITY should of taken care of it and he should never of made it up the stairs if security had finished he obviously needs to extend his hours until sun up.

It is obvious though he should not of included Aqua Dives in his post as he was unable to poisitivly identify the culprit and it was unfair to mention any operator.

Lets be honest here the San Pedro Business group met with the Prime Minister and begged to get some more security out here on the island and they got it in the form of BDF soldiers WHY because stuff like this happens and the good news is the island is fighting back

I am just sick of reading when people post negative things the regular posters berate and belittle them when they have every right to post there experiences positive or negative.


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