I would like to respond to Croc's recent posting in defense of our story. Our intentions in sharing our story were certainly not to bash the island or the people who live there. As we all know, there is good and bad everywhere. Being strangers in a strange land left us feeling not only defenseless, but bewildered. The incident was certainly an isolated one in an otherwise wonderful week. Some of the respondants to the story have criticized my husbands comments regarding the way he sees me. What you said in reference to the irrelavance of his subjectivity is appreciated. I just wanted to add that there really isn't any more to the story than my husband told. In fact, knowing and realizing that I would be on a boat with nothing but men and having to shimmy into a wet suit without privacy I had the foresight to wear less revealing clothing (in other words...shorts instead of a bikini bottom) in order not to give an inappropriate signal or "tease". Our intentions were to make a dive and see the beauty of the reef. There were NO social interactions of any kind between us and the divers at the shop either before, or after. That is what is so confusing to us that is why my husband posted his original comments. We were simply looking for feedback and we appreciate any intelligent (not beligerent) comments from those who took the time to send them.