Hey all,

I am going to AC in April and just reserved myself a cabana at the Hotel Del Rio.
To reserve the room, we have to send over our credit card number. I know, it's standard and I think I've seen it on every site I've looked at. But it scares the hell out of me!

I was communicating with Roberto at the Hotel Del Rio regularly for a couple of days. If I sent a message, he'd respond within a couple of hours. He told me to send over my CC# so I did, yesterday morning before work. I tried to be smart about it - I was very specific and spelled out exactly how much I was authorizing, and exactly what it was for.

And I haven't heard a word since.

Argh. Ok, I know it was only yesterday. I get that Belize time is a little different than Seattle time. But I am so nervous now!

has anyone had this experience?

I'm about to try and reserve a hotel in San Ignacio and they're asking me to do the same thing. Should I not do it? Am I overreacting? (I hope so!)