Dear Bill and Stocktrader, Thank you for your swift replies. I do plan on coming to AC in Nov. to see, experience what your island life is like. I know that someones's heaven is someone else's hell, and I admit I'm relatively spoiled by Amer. standards. I live in the country here in the U.S. ... I know what it's like to go w/out electricity, have to fend for yourself, etc. Dirt roads don't bother me. I spent 2 weeks last year in Costa Rica exploring the possibilities of living there, also we spent time in Great Guana Caye, Bahamas this summer looking for places to move to.Costa Rica is highly overated and over priced, and their beaches are ugly and grey-sanded and they have no GROCERY STORES!!! God knows where people shop. Gr. Guana Caye is nice, but very insular if you know what I mean. Not only is there nothing to do there, but the people don't want you there. I'm a very friendly person and don't understand that concept. What I am looking for is a nice place, good weather, FRIENDLY people, and maybe a business [small] that would benefit all concerned.So... Still willing to help, or was your opening gambit your best shot? Come on guys help me out. Bill... I could use your expertise and your contacts, likewise with you Stocktrader{do you really trade stocks, if you do WE can talk} Please reply and help me out. I can't afford to go all over the world looking for someplace to settle w/out inside help. Looking forward to hearing back from both of you. Is there some way we can talk w/out everyone reading this? I,m not too good w/ computers so be specific. Thanks, Hope to be your neighbor soon.