You seem like a level headed type of guy, so maybe you'll appreciate some input to your question from the perspective of someone who travels to AC 4-5 times a year, and has for several years, but is not a resident. (I don't think, at least).

Try out AC for 10-15 days when the opportunity arises. Then wait about 120 days and go back for the same amount of time. That gives everything a little time to clear, the attraction (if any for you) to cool off a bit, and finally takes you back in a different season.

SandShakers comment about "competitive" should be heeded. Not only is it that, but "competitive" can also be a euphanism in this case for "the locals are not gonna make it easy". We know a number of people who have or have had businesses there, and it is quite obvious that in certain island pursuits it is going to be tough, not only because you are an "outsider' but a gringo to boot. However strong dreams and even stronger ambitions have always been able to overcome a lot.

We like San Pedro for many, many reasons. One of the principal reasons however, is that we DON'T have a business there, and we can come and stay as many times and as long as my US interests will allow and leave whenever we please.

The gringos who live AND have businesses in AC are a pretty tight knit, yet helpful lot. They will give you a lot of very candid info and share a lot of experiences. They are, as you would expect, not going to do that in a public forum.