Sandshaker & Choochoo,
Thanks for the advise.Would have replied yesterday buy the computer was being wierd. I think we would rather be close to the heart of town rather than having to depend 100%on boat travel, so that being the case, I guess that would leave the center of AC and south to look for places.Is that right or am I all turned around? What kind of boats do most people use to get around in? And, please don't laugh,but is it possible to use a pontoon boat there, or is it too shallow? Have found many useful links on the thanks to all that have contributed. E-mailed Jesse as to real estate and hope to hear from him soon.Do any of you do very much fishing there? Love to fish. Just how closely knit are the locals when it comes to opening a business? Is it dog eat dog? Better? Worse? I have lived in a small town where almost everyone was related,wouldn't really accept you until you had a relative in the cemetry, and then not fully.If a newcomer opened a business there,the locals would drive 15 to 20 miles to the next town rather than support it. You can't get much worse than that.Kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I have benn looking at Coconuts Hotel and Cannibals, both of which are offered for sale. Both look very nice. Does anyone have any input to share on either one?