Ha Ha I am just a girl who ran away with her guy to live on a tropical island. I can honestly say I had no idea what that new life was going to entail for us, I just knew it was what we needed to do. Since coming here we have made so many great friends and had so much fun - these past 2 years blew my fun-party meter off the chart.

I am so glad you all enjoy my blog - thanks for the compliments everyone. Al be glad to meet you anytime smile

Shout out to Marty for the message board and officially adding my blog link that was very exciting surprise.

I started my blog to show friends and family a bit more about our life here beyond emails and keep working on my writing. My mom wrote me and commented on how she was a bit worried about us moving to a different country and if we would make friends, she then went on to say after seeing my blog that was no cause for concern anymore. I also started my blog with plans to entice my cousin here and now she is about to book with a friend for march and she will be here for 21 days yay.

Damn I may have spoke to soon now ticket prices are going up and they have not booked yet.

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