If you want to furnish with Hummingbird furniture you would need to order fairly soon. I seem to recall it can take up to 3 months to have your furniture built and upholstered.

I think Josie is phasing out of Island Interiors - but if not her # is 226 2184

You can also try EXPO in the US - it is a subsidiary of home depot that specializes in house and condo decor and shipping overseas.

Mirab can order and import just about any furnishing you would like - again there will be a 2-3 month time lag on any of these options. Mirab specializes in Ashley furniture so you should be able to go to any Ashley show room in the US and then order the goods at Mirab.

Debbie Wade at Grand Caribe should be able to co-ordinate furniture buying, delivery and installation for you. Talk to the sales agent that sold the condo to you.

If all these methods fail you - send me an email and I will help get you lined out.