Hey just thought I should share this info - maybe everyone knows about this except me! I was clearing away some mangrove branches that were trimmed and left at the edge of our property today. After picking one up I felt a sharp stingin pain in my palm. I did not see any bees around or snakes - all I noticed after looking at my palm were a couple very small black hairs. After only a short time my palm and then whole hand began to hurt A LOT; burning pain, radiating out from the sting site, getting redder, severe throbbing aching pain in the joints all the way up to my wrist. Having been bitten by spiders before, I realize this was something else. My husband figured out since I saw those little black hairs that it must have been what they call urticating (stinging) hairs from a caterpillar - he knows of a green one that lives on mangrove branches that can have this effect - and man, if you have sensitivity, it REALLY HURTS. At the time the only thing that helped was ice, tylenol did nothing. I felt the effect of the venom all the way up to my shoulder, and at this time, almost 10 hourse later, I still feel aching pain in my finger joints and significant burning pain in the palm area. Just thought I'd pass it along.

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