i have to say i've seen posts like this every few years. i do not know if some work out or not. i've also seen posts like this where the man has a wife or kids somewhere he failed to mention. i've seen belizean (and american) men who are true to their women, and i've seen ones who collect lovers like trading cards, telling each they love only her.

as a mom - i have to tell you to think. this guy may be nice, and may be for real. but his career is selling jewelery on a beach on a tiny island. as a girl, did you see your future with someone who can take care of you, support you, lead you toward a comfortable old age? did you see a decent home, a nice car, little nest egg for retirement? or did you see yourself supporting your man financially and working to feed him and your potential children?

look past today or next month, and see 15 years from now for a minute. reading your question, i think you probably know the answer yourself.