The Belize Tourism Industry Association does a superior job of printing/publishing a beautiful piece of lithographic art in the form of a magazine that showcases Belize and I can't say enough about how wonderful it is........however
(you knew that was coming didn't you)
It should council some of its advertisers as they are also representing Belize.The editorial content of the magazine is accurate and represents Belize in a truly marvelous way, but the advertisers seem to have a large problem.
One shinning example is the ******* full page color advertisement done by someone who has no clue about where Belize is or what we are about. It depicts El Castillo,a Mayan ruin in Mexico, shows corals only found in the south pacific a bird endemic to 'South' America. All in a package if you want to buy a condo in Belize.
Likewise another advertisement of a casino that is two full page color and has photographs of Las Vegas show girls and men in tuxedos.Another hotel Ad shows a giant clam shell from Tahiti with a young couple kissing behind it, and another a rare macaw found only deep in the rainforest, sunning itself on the beach.
all quite humorous in a way, but sad misrepresentations of who and what we are.

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