Destination Belize is a beautiful publication but a poor advertising source based on the cost of Ad.

Its production I beleive was 50,000 published copies with each advertiser receiving 2 boxes of magazines and the rest going to BTIA for promotion at trade shows

What it does is allow the private sector whom 90% know little about marketing to pay for a flashy publication that looks good but is a poor source for the advertiser but a great promotion piece for the BTIA paid for by the private sector.

Now before I get bashed I challenge advertisers to come on and post the tracking results of the advertising and i am very confident that this publication does not pull well compared to other publications promoting niche subjects. (most advertiser dont track there ad results.

I beleive the only value to advertising in Destination Belize is for Branding and additional exposure ONLY IF YOU have the advertising budget for it, if you are a small resort or business I suggest you spend your hard earned dollars on other publications with more circualtion and production.

Destination Belize a nice marketing piece but just not enough circulation to warrant the hefty advertising rate when compared to other publications with much more coverage readership and circulation.

Anyone thats seen a copy i am sure you will agree with me it does not look cheap it looks an expensive piece and add up the advertising revenue from the ads, the publisher is making an ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNT OF MONEY I believe BTIA is also on a commission on the advertisers payments which seems off to me as by paying them commision on sales it increases the cost to the private sector but I guess thats how the publisher got this lucrative contract.


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