Although I went down for a quick trip in November to look at property, my wife and I haven't been together to A.C. in two years. I'm excited about having a full week to spend at my favorite travel destination! We always try to spend our time here doing something old, something new, etc. For now, here's what we're looking forward to:

A long bike ride up north of the cut, to see how far we can go;
Our favorite meals at Caliente's;
Looking at art in the Belizean Arts store;
A day trip to Sarteneja or Corozal;
Breakfasts at Blue Water/Papi's/the bakeries;
Suppers at Caramba's, Ambergris Delight;
Golf cart rides up and down the coast.

And for our new:
--A different place to stay (Oasis del Caribe--our old place was booked);
--Going to church on-island (we always say we will, but never make it);
--Hiring a boat to take us around the island--literally;
--New and notable restaurants (any suggestions????)

We just got back from walking our dogs this afternoon in sub-freezing temperatures--unusual for our area--and this ramble brings a little warmth into my evening. Thanks for allowing me to share!