Belize makes House Hunters again this year! New episode airs Jan 21, 9AM ET/PT

Belize Bound
Real estate agent Michelle Owens adores her life in Charleston, S.C., but after vacationing in Belize six years ago, she fell in love with the exquisite natural beauty of the Central American country--so much so, that she's decided to make it her new home. She wants a large house with plenty of guest bedrooms for visiting friends and a drop-dead view of the Caribbean Sea. She doesn't want the hassle of construction, so to increase her options, she widens her search to include not only the beach area, but also the scenic jungle regions, where wild monkeys are neighbors and breathtaking views are still the norm. Helping with her search is real estate agent Howard Oldham.

House Hunters International
Episode HHINT-102

January 21, 2008 9:00 AM ET/PT

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