Been to the Casino four times last trip did see the cuban dancers.They where the real deal great show ,talented dancers and yes they looked hot hot hot ..the place was packed with people,,, they came for the $ two belize draft beer and $4 belize local drinks and the free show not to many played down stairs just went for the cheap beer and drinks !! the place rocked ,got to see lots of my local friends having a good old time.And meet some new friends !!!!!who I would like to see again !!!!!! ..As far as the staff the dealers are less nervous , more relaxed ,then last month now they smile .But the people playing black jack are the worst black jack players in the world ,so the place should make money !!!!!! Seems like they are getting there act together the whole staff is trying hard to please ..Remember this is not las vegas just a fun place to kill time ,if thats your thing??

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