from what I have researched about the QRP,you can not do any type of work period,not even voulenter your time. But you do recieve tax breaks on what you bring into the country for the first year, for your household,car,and boat you can buy tax free every 3 years. I am not sure about renting your house how that would go but Iam sure someone else could tell you. If you want to open a business you can apply for a selfemployed work permit which will alow you to do that, or voulenter if you wish. If you are going to do either I would sugest you hire a person to help you out with this, asI was told the process can be dificult at best to do on your own. If you are in need of a contact for this you can PM and I can give your the name of someone who comes highly recommeded from people on AC. Good luck.

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