I can tell that many of you posters have not had much experience with large groups and single bills at a restaurant. Even in the extraordinary chance that each party had the same number of drinks, the same meals, etc., there's always a few that leave the table without paying, or short pay or don't tip . whatever.

What this always means is that those at the table last have to pony up the balance. And the pony up amount is always a larger amount of cash than anyone would have imagined.

Hey, like Ernie said, some will have the $11 meal, some will have the $20 meal, some will have one Club Soda and some will drink 12 drinks . .who is going to figure out who pays what?

Better that you guys ask for separate bills in your choice groups or on an individual basis. I'm sure the restaurant staff would prefer differently but hey . . .in the end, their tips will be larger, so if they whine, just make sure they are told that.

Have fun you gang.

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