We left our cold Rochester airport around 6 am to finally arrive at Belize around 4pm and had to wait till 5:30 for our Maya air flight.

After some 20 minutes for our taxi from Belize Legacy Resort we were taken to a pier to board their boat for another 15 minute ride that didn't happen for at least another 15 minutes. ( island time) So it was dark when we headed to our first resort.
We were greeted by a nice cold glass of rum punch.
Another couple ( in their 70's) had been waiting to their dismay about 1 hour and let the manager know about it.
He in turn gave all 4 of us dinner on the house ! So even though we were exhausted, we checked in to our bungalow and I headed for a dip in the pool and about 1/2 hour later we went to eat ( now around 8 pm..

We ordered lobster tails served with rice and veggies and previous to that nice warm baked bread plus cheesecake and Bilikin beer!
Next morning we awoke to Paradise!
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Belize Legacy Resort is quite the place.. unfortunately they were dredging sand to accomodate more boats to get to their pier and the first 50 feet or so of their beach area was churned up.

We had an early 8 am snorkeling tour to Mexico and Mata rocks that almost missed and scurried out without our underwater cameras.. but did have the digital and these are views from the boat.

The manager was fabulous, let us stay past the check out time and we left at 3pm to our second hotel closer to San Pedro.
The place is very remote and pricey ( food and drinks ) but we stayed here due to a win from a sweepstakes I entered. ( flight and 1 night stay)
Definitely a place I would recommend if you want luxury and relaxation and price is not a factor.


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