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Report: GOB Selling Cangrejo Caye

Regardless of who wins the upcoming general elections, there are gonna be changes – and it seems the awareness of that is the single unifying force that’s pushing some questionable deals to get made. And prominent among those is one we heard of today. 7NEWS has received credible reports from multiple sources which say that government has finalized a deal to sell Cangrejo Caye to a well connected local developer.

The full details are not known – but we do know that Cangrejo Caye, which sits just southwest of San Pedro Town has been the subject of much scrutiny for some time. Island leaders and residents don’t want it sold – but reports to us say that it is on the block; the documents are in the mapping section at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the transaction is expected to be final by the end of the week. Cangrejo Caye is one of the larger islands in that area and is considered to be an important habitat for wildlife.