*tisc*...*tisc*...*tisc* my POOR misguided friends... (shaking head) Now, you ALL know by now that NO one can hang w/ the SPURS... as evididnt in SC in June!

TQ, sloppy seconds....*pishaw*......You truly make me laugh! laugh

Remember fellow game players..not only do you have to be able to "hang" in the crawl... Y'all, also have to do it with style (tacky shirts, sunglasses, etc), flair (well, we all have that!!!), and the rowdyness that is soooo much part of the "rememberance"!! Last one standing (or crawling in the gutter as so aptly named "crawl war")wins the coveted
"crawl war" trophy! (trophy to be determined at a later date)
SO..... as was once said.... "BRING IT ON!" laugh

Take the road less traveled