OK you guys.
The "Reaper Cup" has been missing for almost one year now.
The tournament is February 24th at Pedro's Inn and I'm sure the main "suspects" that stole it will be there. So send me a pm anonymously that you are returning it that night. I offer the culprit full immunity and free rum!
And also I am too damn busy right now to make another one!!!
If anyone has information about it's wherabouts please let me know! Rat finks that finger the perp get free rum also if it leads to a safe return.
I don't negotiate nor pay huge ransoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cup is two tin cans on a blue styrofoam base with a Belikin beer glass on the top. If you have seen this masterpiece please alert the cops!!!!!!!
It is valued at about $13.95usd! To me it is priceless!