between the following hotels, which would you choose:

The Tides
Sun Breeze
Corona Del Mar
Banana Beach

I know "where to stay" questions are asked all the time, but I'm truly having a quandary. The more I look, the more confused I get.

Some info about us...we are four friends (2 girls, 2 guys, not couples) in our early thirties who want to be near enough to walk into town. We'd prefer something that wasn't real family oriented, because we can get a little bit loud. We want something nice, but affordable. Our budget is around 200 a night for all four of us. We are looking into suites and quad rooms that we can afford on this budget. We don't care about having a kitchen. We don't mind swimming off a dock, but we'd like to lay on the beach.

Also, we are coming for a the week of Memorial Day (May 24-31). How soon do you think we need to book a room?