As an architecture student and SanPedro local, iīm really impressed by all the developement thatīs going on in little A C, however iīm really saddened by the lack of planning or should I rather say, lack of proper executing of drafted Master Plans? Growth is imminent, however proper, planned growth is crucial to ensure econocmic prosperity and the equilibrium of our eco-systems... then again, how can we achieve this when the authorities (GOB) that are to look after the peopleīs interests have biased interests of their own.
From an architectural viewpoint, the idea of South Beach Belize is really tacky, ridiculous, to say the least.... donīt get
me wrong, the ArtDeco architecture of miami is beautiful, but thatīs part of Miamiīs History. A project like this would better suit Las Vegas.... projects in AC should be original and reflect the islandīs appeal.