Since your on a fact finding mission, I'd stay at the Hideaway Hotel. Its owned by five Texas women and there are long term guest there, that are anxious to talk Belize, to someone new. Those other Hotels are for vacations. Ya need ta get with some Ex-Pats and locals to learn if ya like Belize. The accomadations are not luxurious, although they have a nice swimming pool and the best Chili in Belize. They also make a great Chicken Fried Steak with white gravy and mash-potatoes. Locals stop by for meals all day. Generally a nice mix of people. The location is great for your purposes. Its also reasonably priced so you can stay longer. I think they even have monthly rates. Many options in accomadations. They must have about 6 or so different rates/accomadations. Good Luck.

Gone fishing!!