Most of the places you mention are good spots, but for what it's worth if I were going to have to choose among these I would put The Palms, Banana Beach and Caribbean Villas at the top, based on the size of the units and good, friendly management. The Palms and Banana Beach are condotels with big, bright, clean suites/apartments. Caribbean Villas isn't a condotel but most units are suites or apartments, and management/ownership is first rate. It does not have a pool. I also like SunBreeze for its location, pool and management, though the rooms aren't in the same league as those at The Palms or Banana Beach.

If I had to pick just one, it would probably be The Palms, because I usually like to stay close to town and it has a pool, though I really, really like the seafront units at Banana Beach, and I like the quiet and the Mar de Tumbo beach, and I think Banana Beach is really well run with great prices. But any of these three, and with perhaps one exception any of the others would be very accommodating. In the end it might come down to price.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First

Lan Sluder/Belize First