To all of you that took the time to answer--thanks [Linked Image] I now know you can drink the H2O even if it's yucky! I know where to go to meet ex-pats and have bisquits and gravy(yum) Sandshaker's hubby likes to fish and will loan us poles and maybe even go with us JOY [Linked Image]
Choochoo--you are too cryptic for me--explain "exception"por favor.
The price at Lily's is great-but my son will demand a pool (preferably stocked with hot chicks in Bikinis) [Linked Image]
I am TOTALLY seduced by Sunbreezes' website and their pool..but wonder if I'll miss not having a kitchen and living room.
The Palms website isn't complete-so I can't view their rooms, but their prices seem ok,and everyone says it's nice.
Banana Beach also looks good...7th nite free.
Just about to enter the home stretch and make a final decision when...oops...I clicked onto Paradise Villas...WOW...beautiful rooms, pool, centrally located,good rates, and all that FREE STUFF!!!
Debbie--did you get all the free stuff when you stayed there and did your room look as good as the one on the website???
Decisions Decisions [Linked Image]