Just got back from AC. I took a collapsable fishing rod in my suitcase along with a small assortment of hooks, lures, split shot etc.( Also took a cheap pair of needle nose pliers to pull the hooks out of those wierd fish you catch that you can not identify or are afraid to touch!!)It was fun heading out on the pier every morning and evening making a few casts. Also kayaked out to the reef and did really well fishing out there. I had a friendly competition with the gal who cleaned our rooms whom I would meet out on the pier all of the time. All she had was a spool of fishing line with a split shot and a hook on the end. She would always use a piece of sardine and fish the heck out of me!!! There is a place called Captain Hooks in town that rents rods, reels and all teh stuff you need. When I went home, all my hooks were rusted along with my rod that I ended up giving to my fishing partner, she appreciated the rod but told me in spanish that she did not need it!!