Two old guys, both divorced and technically seniors (although I stopped recognizing my birthday a long time ago so I'm still 27 - really), are planning a two week trip to SP. So, we have a few standard questions. A little about our "priorities" to start: decompress, fish, party and not necessarily in that order. Being from Florida we do like to fish and definitely the beach bars and live music.

The first is, of the plethora of places I've seen discussed, for two old single guys not terribly interested in family type places, for under say $150/night total close to town (i.e. the bars and resteraunts we can easily stumble back from) which are the best? I've seen a ton listed like The Tides, Sun Breeze, Corona Del Mar, Banana Beach, Spindrift and I've looked at a ton on We sort of have this problem always finding places with mostly couples and kids. Anything a little less family there, no offense to anyone?

Second, any fishing guides you could recommend? My passion is tarpon but generally anything inshore/flats will do.

Third, while we may be technically seniors and single doesn't mean we have given up "hope". So any advice on (seniors) singles gathering places could be helpful - assuming oxygen is readily available and we can rent walkers somewhere.

Thanks in advance for any help.