Just wanted to ask if any of you know what is going on. The motorcycle traffic on the beach is getting crazy. 10 of them every day, most of them un-licensed (un-insured?). Have had a couple of situations where tourist kids were close to being run over. Two of them are carrying rifle bags on the handle bars.
Also several golf carts on the beach now.
I called the police and reported that guys in camouflage clothes were driving on the beach with rifles on un-registered motorcycles 4.5 miles north, but the police didn't know if 4.5 miles north of S.P. was north of the bridge; and they just hung up on me. When I called back and the commanding officer apologized, I thought that they were interested in doing something; but it goes on and on, also with frequent shooting (hunting) right in our backyard. Maybe it takes a stray bullet to the head of a tourist or a kid run over on the beach before the police cares?